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Dream prints is a premium wallpaper brand that aims to turn ordinary walls into true art.
We use the best materials, eco-friendly inks and unique designs. Here you can find our latest high-quality wallpaper designs.

STEP 1 Fall in love with a design

Browse our collection for your dream wall mural.

STEP 2 Measure your wall(s)

Like us, walls come in different shapes and sizes. We've got them covered. Use this guide to make sure they get the tailored fit they deserve.

STEP 3 Choose the perfect material

As with clothes, texture is important. Some of us like silk, others velvet. Whatever your guilty pleasure, we have it.

STEP 4 Send a request

Send us the details of your preferred design along with the wall dimensions and we will contact you to present our offer and payment details

STEP 5 Final Design Confirmation

This is where we will send you the final version of the design adapted to your wall's size. It will include the whole design as well as close-ups. 
Your confirmation is required.

STEP 6 Shipping

Sit back and relax, this part is on us, regardless of where you are in the world. Your shipment of perfection is due to arrive in up to 14 days after your final confirmation.

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Wallpaper can be used to transform bathrooms into masterpieces that rival the best of museums. We need a few details from you so we can advise on what would be the best material and water-resistant topcoat combination.

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Whether you are a successful designer, developing residential or commercial real estate, in the hospitality industry or you just plainly want to work with us on a larger scale, no matter the industry, then you are in the right place. Leave your details with us and we will be more than happy to share our information (and margins) with you.

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A special type of wallpaper can be used as a soundproofing method. Its benefit is twofold: it acts as a sound barrier for background noises coming into your home and amplifies a home theater experience.

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